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The Two Futures
There are those who are spiritually alive, and those who are spiritually dead. The difference is between those who are the children of the living God, and those who are sons and daughters of the devil, those who are the children of light and those who are the children of darkness.

Why We're STILL Here
There's a great shortcoming in most of Christian preaching today. Most preaching to congregations is calculated to produce dependence. If we have preaching that produces dependence rather than independence, we will have people beguiled and loyal to institutions that themselves will inevitably fade away, rather than strongly in love with, and influenced by, Jesus Christ Himself, who will never leave us or forsake us.

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Seven Men Who Rule the World From the GraveSeven Men Who Rule the World From the Grave
Dave Breese warns us of the dangers of believing unreservedly the ideas of these seven men. He also reminds us of the only man whose life and words we can trust completely—Jesus Christ. $15 How to order

Satan's Ten Most Believable LiesSatan's Ten Most Believable Lies
This book describes ten of the enemy's false doctrines. Each chapter defines a satanic lie and compares it to the truth found in Scripture. $10 How to order

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