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The Tide of Our Times

Anyone that attempts to analyze society today will often be frustrated. He will come up with a very convoluted report as to the events of our time. The problems of these days touch most of the nations of the world, often creating smaller indeterminate wars that can be analyzed only with great difficulty. India fires missiles at Pakistan and experiences retaliation in kind. Within minutes, they could go nuclear with these weapons and we might soon have Armageddon on our hands. Serbia is still unconquered with Slobodan Milosevic being still in power. International analysis reports as many as forty wars taking place even now. So, being fulfilled is the Biblical prediction of “wars and rumours of wars” (Matt. 24:6). Along with rumors of wars come reports of fatal tragedies in many places. Events to upset society happen with greater frequency and larger intensity than ever. Many of us wake up every new morning and ask, “I wonder what has taken place during the night that is another great tragedy?” Perceptive Christians ask, “Are these the signs of the times that are promised in Scripture?” We certainly should allow for the possibility of that being the case. Christians as never before are becoming very apprehensive about even the survivability of this wretched world in the midst of which we live.

Even as we speak, the president has now visited nations in and around the Balkans as the world watches with great interest. There seems to be no place in the world anymore that is excused from developments that could be fatal to many. Watch out for global government, global disarmament and especially global religion. Beware also of peace movements. They lead to war.

In the meantime, an interesting development touches our schools here in America. The press carries the headlines, “Court to Rule on Prayer at School Games.” The newspaper reports, “Texas school board asks justices to overturn ruling that says student-led prayers at football games violate separation of church and state.” They report, “The Supreme Court re-entered the emotional debate over school prayer Monday, agreeing to decide whether public schools can let students lead a group invocation at high school football games.”

At Galveston County, Texas, a school board is asking the justices to overturn a lower court ruling that said, “Student-led prayers over the address system at football games violate the constitutionally required separation of church and state.”

There is much that can be said about this, but notice especially that the press speaks of “the constitutionally required separation of church and state.” When will we realize that there is no statement in the Constitution that advocates any such thing as the separation of church and state? In fact, if anything, the Constitution denies the state the right to limit religious activity on the part of the people. “Congress shall make no law” is the beginning of the paragraph as the Constitution speaks. Again, the liberals can conjure up any statement, any lies which advance their cause. Christians realize that this is another small indication of the determined effort to limit and then destroy the influence of Christianity amongst our young people and the population in general.

At the same time, an animated discussion continues concerning the teaching of evolution in the public schools. The state of Kansas is in the midst of this and it is fascinating to see. Evolution is, of course, nonsense, but the right to teach it is still pressed by the liberal “scientific” mind. Each one of us make it the opportunity to become involved in the animated discussion in our local home town areas. You are invited to write for this special paper entitled “Christianity vs. Evolution” and we’ll get it to you. These are days in which Christians need to become animated and articulate about these developments in the midst of which we live.

Evolution, if true, destroys the basis of which science makes any claims at all. Science must produce a predictable result of an experiment. That result must be repeatable. If not, science is only observation, which is not science at all.

The fact is that the scientist cannot “observe” the past and even the future. All reality is in “the present” and presents but a small slot or observability. The scientist expects a lot but can observe a very, very little.

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