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The Tide of Our Times

Campaign 2000 is under way, bringing to mind the old adage that “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” And despite all of the promises that this campaign will be marked by millennial enlightenment, focusing on issues rather than personalities, it has already degenerated into a campaign of mudslinging at its very worst.

Many times in the past, it has been the case that candidates of similar viewpoint would “cannibalize” one another, littering the airwaves with personal assaults that would gut the very heart from the cause which, in an ideal world, should unite them. But this is not, yet, an ideal world. It is a world in which “evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived” (II Tim. 3:13). So it is, that even seemingly good men are drawn into a frenzy of electioneering hype, sacrificing their principles on the altar of political expediency. And yet somehow, upon their election, we are expected to trust them to provide leadership and a moral compass for the nation they will lead!

The Russian presidential election is even closer than that of the United States. There, the illusion of a truly free and democratic election grows terribly thin. Acting President Vladimir Putin, a former member of the KGB and recent head of its successor, the Federal Security Service (the FSB), has shown masterful control over the media. In classic Soviet style, those who would oppose him have been snubbed by the state-controlled media, and often have been subjected to midnight searches and intimidation by the FSB. As of this writing, it is reported that most Russians have resigned themselves to the anticipation of a lopsided victory for Putin, who is arguably now the most popular politician in all of Russia.

Standing up for what you believe, however, continues to be the way to go here in the United States. As you must have heard by now, the Federal Communications Commission in December issued new and more restrictive “guidelines” as to what type of religious programming could be shown on educational TV stations. It was, in essence, a full-frontal assault on our religious freedoms.

But the good news is, that there arose such a hue and cry, that the veritable melee of objection deafened the ears of the FCC, jamming phone and fax lines. The activities of the FCC came to a grinding halt. As a result, we received word in February that the FCC had reversed its decision. It was a tremendous victory for Christians, and serves to remind us that we are not to spend our days as Christian ostriches, hiding our heads in the sand as we fearfully await the return of Christ. Rather, we are to be Christian soldiers, fighting the ever increasing darkness with the light of Gospel truth.

Good grief! On Saturday, February 12, Charlie Brown’s creator, Charles Shultz, passed into eternity. It was such an ending as no one would have dared to write. The final episode of the “Peanuts” comic strip was to be published on Sunday, February 13.

In a gentle yet powerful way, Charles Shultz many times represented the Gospel message through his comic strip, touching millions of people who otherwise might not have heard the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Marriage and the family have always been essential building blocks of society. Yet today in America, fewer people than ever are “taking the plunge,” while more people than ever are ending the marriages that do take place, in divorce. That, taken in concert with the increasing pressure in many states to permit “same-sex” marriages, leads one to wonder where it all will end. The dissolution of the family unit has already been shown to be a contributing factor to the decay of our society and the alienation of our youth. We, therefore, would ask ourselves what we can do, that will bring romance, love, faith and fidelity back into vogue. Let’s work together, shall we, to find new and effective ways to accomplish that lofty goal. In so doing, we might yet impact upon the tide of our times, bringing a ray of light and hope to our generation, while there is yet time.

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