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The Tide of Our Times

“Radical secularists are anxious to eradicate God from every facet of public life, regardless of whether or not constitutional implications are involved. They now contend that Mr. Ashcroft has a responsibility not to offend employees of different faiths. Let me get this straight: John Ashcroft and other Christians are not even allowed to express their faith in private meetings on public property for fear of offending people who are not there? …

“Christians and Christianity are under systematic assault by our culture and those who advocate passivity in the face of such attacks are doing nothing to defend the cause they purport to serve. We cannot ignore the problem in the name of collegiality and expect it to go away. Tolerance is a two-way street.

“By refusing to stand up for our rights as Christians, we are inviting further abuse. If our forefathers had adopted that approach this nation would never have been established.” David Limbaugh with The Washington Times

This present evil world (Gal. 1:4) is a very good description of our time. The historic optimists, believing in natural human improvement and denying the existence of evil in the world, will have to review their doctrines. “Evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse” (II Tim. 3:13) says the Word of God and this characteristic of the last days will continue to stalk the streets as crime, murder, fear and other unsettling features of these prophetic hours. The only antidote is the Gospel.

God uses certain things to supress the rise of evil. He uses the Church, the salt of the earth. He uses civil authority which bears not the sword in vain. He uses individual conscience and character. If these fail, He uses the oppresive limitations of economic, nutritional and technical shortages to circumscribe the capability and influence of sinful and otherwise uncontrollable elements. To take these controls away with gratuitous financial and technical help, apart from the change of heart toward God, is to bring the ruin of a social structure, the destruction of humanity. The Beast will be on the loose, the destroyer is now abroad in the land. The Bible says “The way of transgressors is hard” and it is made hard by divine mandate.

“China is going to become a major player in the world and there is nothing the United States can do to prevent it.” As much was said by Lee Kuan Yew, the founding father of Singapore and Asia’s senior statesman in an interview with the Washington Times. Mr. Lee, a close friend of the United States for the past 40 years explained why China has now become the second most powerful nation on earth. He says “‘there is nothing’ Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong have done ‘that China cannot do better in the years to come. You cannot stop [the Chinese].’” He further explained that a “Silicon Valley” has emerged in the burgeoning cities of Shanghai and Shenzhen with evidently unbelievable potential. “Take your Ivy League and West Coast Universities and multiply by five and then imagine that concentrated in two cities.”

Is China a military threat to the United States? Concerning this possibility, Lee claims that the “Chinese generals who have talked to U.S. Congressmen about the ‘inevitability of war’ with the United States sooner or later” were only “reflecting their own military ‘mindset,’ not Chinese policy.” Lee also says that although he believes that China is not looking for a conflict, it is his conviction that they would go to war if Taiwan were to opt for a unilateral declaration of independence. If China is not looking for a conflict, one would be hard-pressed to explain some of their actions of late.

Are we heading towards the Last War? A new book by David Allen Lewis with Jim Fletcher entitled The Last War offers a timely and provocative look into the issues surrounding the increasing violence and bloodshed in Israel and the Middle East. This 240-page paperback book includes interviews with such people as Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, David Bar-Illian, and Yehuda Levy and helps shed light on questions concerning the Arabs, the Jews and the “Palestinians.” (Are they Arabs or the descendants of the Philistines of Bible Times?) This book is available from our ministry for a contribution of $15 or more. Send for your copy today or call 800-777-8806.

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