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The Tide of Our Times

Further expansion for the European Union? Ten more nations await possible entry into the European Union. What was once a group of ten nations has already blossomed to fifteen. If all 10 candidates are successfully admitted, that will raise the number of E.U. members to 25, producing what would be the undisputed leader in the world’s economy. At present, the European Union is merely a loose connection of nations rather than a political entity, but that could be changing in the near future.

So whether the United Nations continues as it is today, or not, it does appear that a European superstate is on the way. And that means that the world is much further along than it was just a few years ago, on the road to the fulfillment of Bible Prophecy.

Even as we write, the looming monster of terrible war emerges as a possibility in the Middle East. In the meantime, we Christians will be praying that the will of God be done. Iraq is the location of ancient Babylon and Saddam Hussein has already declared himself as the new Nebuchadnezzar. This has dreadful implications for the world and especially for the land of Israel. Therefore, we must “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love you” (Ps. 122:6). Pray also for the dangerous developments which we see everywhere. Nothing short of divine intervention can prevent a holocaust. I promise that we will lift up the prophetic Word in times like these.

Latest Jewish Figures “The latest issue of Jewish Currents has revealed the most current figures on Jewish population across the world. The United States remains at the top with 5,700,000, followed by Israel with 5.3 million. In third place is France with 520,000, followed by Canada with 364,000, and England with 275,000.” The Jewish Post and Opinion

Is it true that John and Charles Wesley, the famous evangelists of the 18th Century, borrowed from tavern songs to write some of the most beloved hymns in all of Christendom? Not according to Dean McIntyre, a music advisor for the United Methodist Church. McIntyre explains that “many have cherished the idea that the Wesleys were so evangelistic that they engaged in this practice...this idea is that tavern songs can be used to justify using popular music today as a way to reach people.” And although he says he has no problem with this concept, “The tavern argument is a myth.”

McIntyre believes that “the myth arose over the generations by misunderstanding of the term ‘bar tune’ or ‘bar form.’” Bar form “refers to the number of lines repeated in a song.” McIntyre believes that due to ignorance, some people began to say that these songs were a “bar song or a drinking tune.” Larry Witham The Washington Times

I hope someone soon declares a moratorium on books about sex, love, husbands, wives, perfect happiness, total fulfillment and the like. The consequence of much of this material is that millions of Christians are chasing unrealizable will-o’-the-wisps and paying insufficient attention to Bible study, sound doctrine and personal witnessing. One who pursues happiness to the neglect of those things is defeated in advance. The reason is that happiness can only come through duty fulfilled, responsibilities met, promises kept. We ought not to ask, “How can I be happy?” but rather, “What is my duty?” From the writings of Dave Breese

The prophet Daniel was given a remarkable revelation from God. At the close of his book, however, the Lord spoke to Daniel and said, “But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased” (Dan. 12:4).

Reading this, we ask, “Have we ever lived in a time in which this verse is more perfectly fulfilled than it is today?” It’s almost as if the closed pages of the book of Daniel were opening in the midst of a global condition which is the perfect fulfillment of its prophecy.

This would be a most excellent time to study the book of Daniel. Note that through the ministry of Christian Destiny we have three major video tapes teaching four lessons each covering the entire book of Daniel. No group will be unwise to make this a course of study in these very days.

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