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Comment on Christian ‘Values’ Spurs Controversy—“In April, Education Secretary Rod Paige suggested that America’s public schools might be better off if they embraced Judeo-Christian values.

Baptist Press quoted Secretary Paige...as saying, ‘I would prefer to have a child in a school that has a strong appreciation for the values of the Christian community, where a child is taught to have a strong faith.’

He added that Christian schools and Christian universities are growing as a result of a ‘strong value system...’

Predictably, leftist organizations were quick to condemn the pro-faith statement...

In the Baptist Press interview, Mr. Paige was asked if schools should embrace religious values. He answered, ‘Absolutely.’” National Liberty Journal

Dr. Jack Cuozzo, research orthodontist and head of the orthodontic section of Mountainside Hospital, Montclair, N.J., was the first scientist to take “cephalometric (orthodontic) radiographs” of the fossilized remains of humans that were first uncovered in France and Western Europe. These remains are collectively known in the scientific community by the term ‘Neanderthal’ and are in all probability the remains of people who lived before the great worldwide flood of Noah’s day.

Cuozzo, who is a creationist, writes that in his “study of fossil man in Europe...” he found that these people “lived longer lives than we do today.”

He also believes that they lived much more recently than “previously supposed and not 200 thousand to 30 thousand years ago.”

Cuozzo shares that through his “anatomical studies and a series of standardized radiographs similar to the ones utilized by orthodontists across the world,” he was able to calculate their life span to have been “between 250 and 300 years...”

“The Bible speaks of the early men in our history who lived hundreds of years...” Cuozzo hopes that “knowing the remains of such people actually exist” will help people realize that we can trust the Bible. Quotes taken from the book, In Six Days—Why 50 Scientists Choose to Believe in Creation. Available from the ministry of Christian Destiny.

“Yes, Americans have been publicly praying for the safe return of U.S. troops deployed in Iraq. And yes, May 1 was the annual National Day of Prayer...

But don’t be fooled, one congressman says: God, or at least his name, is slowly disappearing from the public venue.

‘Even though the Founding Fathers spoke of ‘nature’s God’ and of the ‘Creator’ in the Declaration of Independence, the federal courts are increasingly trying to drive every vestige of faith from public life,’ says Rep. Walter B. Jones—North Carolina Republican...

He cites a recent decision by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, barring the Virginia Military Institute ‘from writing and reciting a prayer before cadets eat their evening meals.’

Similar story at The Citadel in South Carolina...at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, where the American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland has called on the academy to review its practices of leading cadets in prayer.” by John McCaslin—The Washington Times

“Palestinian Authority Soccer Tourney Honors Terrorist—The notorious Palestinian terrorist who blew himself up at a Netanya hotel during a Passover seder last year, killing twenty-nine Israelis, including children, now has a soccer tournament named in his honor.” Israel MyGlory

The Center of the Earth—For centuries, men have believed that Jerusalem is located at the center of the earth. “Thus says the Lord God; This is Jerusalem: I have set it in the midst of the nations and countries that are round about her” (Ezekiel 5:5). If you look at the map of the world and draw a circle around the earth’s landmass, you’d find that Jerusalem is at the center of the circle!

Jerusalem is and always has been at the center of the world’s conflicts, intrigues and political machinations. It’s not just Jerusalem, but Israel and the entire Middle East that hold such remarkable influence over the, other nations of the world. Even though efforts are underway to establish a free and representative government in Iraq, the eyes of the world are still focused on the Middle East as though it were “The Center of the Earth!”

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