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Stand in Awe!

Amazingly, in the world of our time, there seems to be an increasing number of people—Christian people—who are succumbing to sorrow, doubt and fear. The cares of life somehow crash upon them, leaving in their wake tired, defeated, hapless people who fail to attain the splendor and victory that should by all rights be theirs.

What can we do to assure that our bright Christian destiny is all that it can be?

A short contemplation of the simple facts of Christianity should be enough to instantly transport us up from ordinary ideas and any tepid notions which we may be entertaining. Trivial attitudes and small thoughts are forbidden to enter into the presence of God and should be forbidden entrance into the mind of any Christian. They will produce boredom, cynicism, limp-headedness, and finally, yawning depression.

It is time to stand in awe! In awe of who God is and who we are. Admittedly, all moments cannot be epiphanies, but some can be serious. A few should touch us with awe at things eternal and the mysteries of which we are a part.

We should stand in awe, first of all, because we are saved. The victory of the titanic battle which was fought on a hill called Calvary has become yours and mine today. Having believed in Jesus Christ and His saving work on the cross, we are now “saved to the uttermost.” A Christian, though he stand in the midst of flaming worlds, will never perish. One thought about salvation should cause us to stand in stunned silence, amazed that we have become heirs of eternal life.

We should stand in awe because we are endowed with the Holy Spirit. Yes, the God who made the universe has taken up His residence within us. The knowledge of this fact, the essence of Christianity, should every moment inspire us with the joys of heaven. Every believer, possessing the Holy Spirit, can never be ordinary again.

We should stand in awe because we are wonderfully gifted of God. Each Christian has been given an ability, a talent, a certain wonderful “something,” whereby he can do things which are beyond any human ability. The gifted Christian is a wonder to the world. He is, in fact, the kind of person whom the world cannot do without.

We should stand in awe because we are alive in such a time as this. In these days, empires are on the move again, new leaders are emerging with clever, unheard-of ideologies. Indeed, the surging tides of history are causing new colossi to mount into towering existences before our very eyes. That we should live in these last days is a privilege in which we should not under-rejoice.

We should stand in awe because we are put in trust with the Gospel. Each child of God is a conduit of the grace of Jesus Christ to a lost humanity. We are put in trust with the message, the full and true Gospel, that “Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; And that He was buried, and that He rose again the third day.” Daily, therefore, we are lifted by a motivation greater than our fears or our weaknesses—that motivation is knowing that the sweet ambrosia of heaven, the Gospel which we bear, will make new creatures of all who believe. We are the light of the world, representing mankind’s only hope.

We should stand in awe because we are guaranteed the triumph of the faithful. Our early leader, the Apostle Paul, said, “Thanks be to God, which always causes us to triumph in Christ, and makes manifest the savor of His knowledge by us in every place” (II Cor. 2:15). When we are faithful, we are in a no-lose situation. The cause which is our life, the Savior who is our commander, cannot finally be thwarted. When we sing, “Hallelujah for the cross, It shall never suffer loss,” we mean it!

Let us then be done with lesser things. Too many of us are successful in accomplishing those things which simply are not worth doing. What is money worth which is not used to serve the Savior? Why fight for a reputation which cannot produce leverage for the Lord? Is not knowledge merely a trivial pursuit which does not produce biblical expositors and argument winners for the Lord? Why own a fine car which goes nowhere for Christ? What wisdom is there in ecclesiastical activities which minimize or mummify the Gospel. God may soon strike the somnambulistic among us with a new vision of His glory. One wonders if their sedated constitutions will stand the shock.

Christian realities are, in fact, to be viewed with awe and then with commitment, for they are the ultimate truths of the universe. We presume, therefore, to offer a word of advice to all who would pursue the mission glorious of living for Him.

First of all, don’t be afraid. God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

Especially, don’t be profligate. The Christian who drops into silly sensualism is not only a sinner but a fool.

Finally, remember the judgment seat of Christ. We must all appear before that magnificent throne and participate in an interview that will be awesome indeed. There, the bits and pieces of our past titillations will be consumed in the fire. There, it is the gold, silver, and precious stones of a faithful life that will count. Stand, therefore, in awe of that moment…and of this moment.

From the writings of Dave Breese with Dave Weeden

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