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Today's Jesus

The One, True Jesus
The world is embracing shadow rather than light, illusion rather than substance. It has thrown up its hands with impatience, searching for a better faith--a 'larger truth.' We would do well to ask again, 'Who is this Jesus of Nazareth?'

The Tide of Our Times
The European Union is the world's rising superpower, poised to overtake both the United States and Japan as the biggest trade and investment force in China. Justice Sandra Day O'Connor predicts that the U.S. Supreme Court will increasingly base its decisions on international law rather than the U.S. Constitution.

When God Gets Mad
Every time Israel sinned against God, He strengthened their enemies and enabled them to overpower the Israelites. Each act of God's judgment was intended to bring them to repentance. He was trying to teach them to seek Him and remain faithful to Him.
Your Questions Answered
Since Satan does not know the exact time of Christ's return, must he have a potential candidate for the Antichrist ready at all times? Is it necessary for us to fear a loving God?