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The Keepers of the Flame

Who Are These People?
There is something about a home which is more than bricks and boards and stairways. The home is warm and hospitable because someone put another log on the fire. That someone could well be called the 'keeper of the flame.'

The Tide of Our Times
Czech President Vaclav Klaus said Europeans have yet to realize 'they are not moving toward some sort of nirvana.' The Czech Republic is a candidate for European Union membership, but Mr. Klaus made clear in an interview his distaste for the organization.

The Mind is a Battleground
In the perilous times in which we live, ignorance will damage the lives of young people. There is little hope for a Christian who doesn't know how to think Biblically in the twenty-first century.
Your Questions Answered
Since there will be no lasting peace in Israel until the return of Jesus Christ, why are we to pray for the peace of Jerusalem?