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“The battle over the age of the earth is not a battle between science and religion or between the facts and some people’s beliefs. Rather it is a worldview conflict that started 200 years ago, when the idea of millions of years became popular. It is a battle between anti—Christian philosophical assumptions and the Bible’s clear teaching about the creation and history of the world.

Put another way, it is a battle over the authority of Scripture. That is, will we believe the words of scientists who don’t know everything, were not there at the beginning, make mistakes (which is why they have to rewrite their textbooks so often) and who are in rebellion against their Creator, trying to explain the world without God so they do not have to feel morally accountable to God? Or will we believe the Word of God, who does know everything, was there at the beginning, always tells the truth and inspired men to write the Scriptures without error so that we would have a clear and trustworthy history of how we and the world reached our present condition?” Dr. Terry Mortenson, National Liberty Journal

“Who is Abu Mazen? Abu Mazen (also called Mahmoud Abbas) is the author of the Palestinian Liberation Organizations’s ‘Plan for the Destruction of Israel.’ He denies that the Holocaust ever happened. […]

He argues that terrorism is the harm done to the Palestinian people. He fully justifies the attacks against Israel and refers to it as part of the ‘armed struggle’ against the invaders, aggressors, and occupiers (referring to Israel). He was also the mastermind behind the murder of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics in Munich, Germany. […] He is now the President of the Palestinian Authority.” David Hocking, Israel Watch

“Some of the nations’ top English teachers say the Bible should be part of any high school class covering the finest works of Western literature, according to a new report issued by the Bible Literacy Project. The Bible is ‘one of the basic pieces of literature that in Western civilization has influenced laws, morals, politics and other literature.’ […]

Researchers spoke with 41 teachers in 10 states, from both religious and nonreligious backgrounds, who are regarded as outstanding by colleagues. […] Nine out of 10 teachers who participated argued that knowledge of the Bible is crucial for a good education; 40 of the 41 teachers said Bible literacy is an educational advantage. […]

Incorporating the Bible in a public school curriculum is not unconstitutional, writes Chuck Stetson, founder of the Bible Literacy Project and former vice president of the National Bible Association.

‘The great authors of literature made an assumption that the general population understood the basic themes of the Bible,’ he writes. ‘Yet, our study reveals that we are losing this knowledge and raising a generation that teachers say is “clueless” about the context for some of the most basic phrases in our common language.’” Amy Doolittle, The Washington Times

“With a final blast through mountain granite, Swiss engineers linked Europe’s north and south by completing drilling […] for the world’s longest overland tunnel—a cavernous shaft that burrows under the Swiss Alps […]. The 21-mile Loetschberg tunnel is the latest in a string of engineering feats—from the Channel Tunnel linking France to England, to a bridge connecting Sweden and Denmark—that are breaking down natural barriers in an increasingly borderless Europe. The Loetschberg, set to open to trains in 2007, will be longer than the current overland record-holder—Japan’s 16.4 mile Hakkoda tunnel—and will come third overall behind the underwater 33.5 mile Seikan Tunnel, also in Japan, and the 31.3 mile Channel Tunnel. […]Bradley S. Klapper, Associated Press

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