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What Christians Must Now Do

The fate of a nation—yes, the fate of your nation and mine—may well lie, indeed it DOES lie, in the hands of those who believe the Gospel and are willing yet to labor for Christ.

Dramatic changes are now under way!

This is a time in which people and nations are altering their courses in many ways. Obviously this is true in the American political structure. It is true also on a global level. In these days, new leaders have also been chosen for Christian organizations and large churches while at the same time new movements are coming to the fore. What must Christians do in times like these? We present a few suggestions. Christians would do well to...

  1. Re-examine the world. It is now populated by over 6 billion people. They are reachable with the new technology, thereby expanding the challenge of global Christian outreach.

  2. Re-evaluate the times. Volatility has certainly set in in our world and a measure of hostility toward Christianity. At the same time, spiritual curiosity is everywhere, including the public press.

  3. Re-state the vision. What is the purpose of the Church in the world, especially in this generation? Old institutions need to ask this question anew.

  4. Re-atomize the Body of Christ. Millions of Christian individuals have limited their potential by exercising entirely too much confidence in “organized religion.”

  5. Revive the fainthearted. There are those who are victimized by spiritual exhaustion. They even attend seminars to solve the problem of “burn-out.” For many, spiritual revival is long overdue.

  6. Re-assume the iniative. It will not be enough for the Church to be simply a respondent to the issues of life. The iniative in thought and in action will force the world to be a respondent, which is the way it should be.

  7. Re-establish the primacy of Scripture. The Word of God, properly understood and preached, is still the “core methodology” which God has ordained.

Yes, dramatic changes are coming upon the culture of our time. In no way should this produce fear and retreat on the part of Christians, but rather a new excitement and the privilege of living in the adventure of bringing the Gospel to a desperately questioning world.

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