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“God uses many ways to reach many people, and quite often He uses a series of persons, each with their own means of evangelism, to bring people to saving faith. I don’t think that any sincere effort to reach people with the gospel should be dismissed as long as it is done with integrity. [...]

What I don’t like is when people misuse the term friendship evangelism along with such phrases as ‘silent witness,’ ‘loving people to Jesus’ and ‘letting my life do the talking,’ in a way that dismisses the need to actually say something about Jesus. Yes, there are many times when actions speak louder than words. A life well lived is very eloquent and love certainly breaks down barriers. But again, in order to be a real friend, there will always come a point when we take or leave the opportunity to tell our friends about Jesus.” Ruth Rosen, Jews For Jesus

“Parents should launch their own ‘daily battle’ against the ‘cultural sewage’ America’s massive media machine generates” says “a conservative author and family advocate. [...] Homes have become the primary receptacles for misogynistic music, highly sexualized programming and violent video games that glorify rape and murder. [...]

The media is pervasive and is shaping youth, but parents can begin by assessing what’s in their homes and making adjustments, said Mrs. Hagelin, author of ‘Home Invasion: Protecting Your Family in a Culture That’s Gone Stark Raving Mad.’ ‘Your battle is not with your child. [...] Your battle is with adults who have a different worldview than you do, and [who] have been able to capture your child’s ears and eyes because we have let them do it by default.’’’ Cheryl Wetzstein, The Washington Times

“The word is out on the movie version of the ‘DaVinci Code,’ and it is not good. Try ‘grim,’ ‘unwieldy’ and ‘plodding.’

Director Ron Howard’s much-hyped adaptation of the Dan Brown best-seller opened the annual Cannes film festival, where some in the audience laughed or walked out and many critics smote the would-be summer blockbuster as a windy thriller. [...]

Mr. Brown’s novel originally outraged many Christians because its central theme denies the divinity of Jesus Christ while playing fast and loose with history to advance a plot about early church leaders grabbing power and subjugating women. The plot revolves around a hidden secret—that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and had a child by her.” MikeCollett-White, Reuters News Agency

“What does it mean to be a Christian Zionist? [...] It means to believe the Jewish people have an inherent, God-given right to possess a homeland sanctioned under international law in the land divinely given in perpetuity to the Jewish descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Such a belief is not radical or subversive; it simply accepts what the Scriptures have declared about the rights and legitimate possessions of the Jewish people. [...] In so saying, we do not diminish any of the rights or privileges of believing Gentiles during this interim Age of Grace in which the gospel is extended to all people everywhere—Jewish and Gentile.

[...] We have nothing to apologize for in declaring ourselves, based on biblical dictates, to be Christian Zionists.” Elwood McQuaid, The Friends of Israel

“These Are the Facts—[Ancient] Israel became a nation around 1450 B.C., some 2,000 years before the rise of Islam.

Jewish people have lived in the land continuously since the days of Joshua—some 3,000 years. The Jewish people were the main population in the land from 1000 B.C. to A.D. 637—a period of 1,637 years.

Even if the Arabs had become the main population in the land from 637 to the present—which they did not—they would have to remain the main population for 268 more years merely to equal the time the Jewish people were the main population prior to A.D. 637. They would have to live there even longer to account for the years of Jewish residency after 637.

The Muslims controlled the land from 637 to 1099—462 years. Jewish people still lived there. The Crusaders took the land from 1099 to 1291. Jewish people there joined the Muslims against the Crusaders, who tortured and killed Jews in their quest for ascendancy.

The Muslims retook the land from 1291 to 1917—a total of 626 years. However, by 1880 the Jews again were the main population in Jerusalem, as they had been in Safed and Tiberias.

The British captured the Holy Land from the Muslim Ottoman Turks in 1917.” Israel My Glory

Church Attendance—Percentage of the population in the 48 contiguous states and the District who attend church once a week:

Percentage of the population in the 48 contiguous states and the District who attend church once a week (Gallup, The Washington Times)
Source: Gallup, The Washington Times

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