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The Great Divide

There’s an ongoing tragedy in American life today and it has to do with crossing The Great Divide.

What do we mean by this? There are millions of marvelous young men and women who are raised in our churches and Sunday schools across the nation. At an early age, they received Christ and moved on with every intention of walking with the Lord. Through grade school and high school, they successfully faced the problems and temptations of young life. We were all proud of them.

Then they came to The Great Divide! They left their home environs and went away to the university campus. At the university, they quickly found themselves in the midst of moral, intellectual, spiritual and ideological pressures that, in many cases, were too great for them. The result, in all too many instances, was spiritual disaster. Yes, on the university campus, millions of young people crossed The Great Divide and we do not see them returning. They found themselves unable to answer the anti-Christian arguments of professors and the anti-God moral pressures which came both from teachers and fellow students. Here, too many of our precious young people succumbed to the world and lost their identity—and many times their lives—under a cloud of godlessness that too often is the case in the colleges of America. What can we do?...

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