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The Tide of Our Times

[...] Critics often vilify Americans as the sole cause of global warming. [...]

‘Despite constant criticism from environmental activists at home and across Europe claiming the U.S. government is doing nothing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, new evidence suggests America’s efforts are more effective than those of Europe’s [...].’

[...] ‘Rather than signing treaties that look good on paper but do nothing to really bring about reductions, U.S. industry has taken the lead as a business matter, reducing emissions as a matter of efficiency—saving costs and improving the bottom line.’” Jennifer Harper, The Washington Times

[...] Because he hates Israel and its Jewish people, the 21st-century Haman, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, almost daily vows to destroy the Jewish nation [...] with the most devastating device available: a nuclear weapon. [...] There are two things we must remember: (1) Despite what liberal pseudo-theologians and their evolutionist sidekicks claim, God is on His throne, and His infallible Word is still relevant. (2) As with Saddam Hussein, Haman had a noose awaiting him. What form Ahmadinejad’s noose will take is as yet unknown. But of this we can be sure: Israel will not perish at his hand in a day. Israel has a future; her oppressors do not. [...]s“ Israel My Glory

“South American leaders have said they will set up a high-level body to examine the idea of setting up an EU-style regional union.

Bolivia’s president Evo Morales finished a two-day summit of the South American Community of Nations by saying that he hoped that such an economic bloc could become a reality within five years. [...]

‘We seek that South America be forever a region of peace that works to solve the economic problems of its historically abandoned majority’ [...].

[...]South America is not the only region to consider an EU-type model. Africa has also created the African Union, which is loosely based on the European Union.” EUobserver.com

[...] China’s National People’s Congress announced it would increase the country’s military budget 17.8 percent in 2007 to a total of $45 billion. [...] The Chinese government reassured the world this spending hike was normal and need not worry anyone.

But the evidence suggests China’s intent is to challenge the U.S. as a military superpower. Within a decade, perhaps much sooner, China will be America’s only global competitor for military and strategic influence.” John J. Tkacik, Jr., Asian Studies Center, Heritage Foundation

“European Union System Makes Perfect Model[...] By definition, the European Union is limited to the European continent. In order to create a truly global world, Asia, Africa, America and Australia must be included in some type of future infrastructure.

Why is the EU so successful? Compromise. Few of us fully understand the difficulties involved in integrating 27 historic nations, where people speak 23 different languages and possess a myriad of culture, custom and history.

[...] Acceptance and even encouragement to retain each nation’s original custom, culture and language has created a new model for the rest of the world. [...] There is no doubt regarding the success of this development because the Bible clearly teaches that the world will become one (Rev. 13:3).” World Focus, Midnight Call Magazine

“Barna: House Churches Grow in popularity—Recently, the Barna Group conducted two surveys looking at the growing house church movement. Barna discovered that it is attracting many young believers, older adults who want a deeper experience with God and a deeper sense of community with other believers, and those dissatisfied with their traditional church experiences. [...]

Among the Barna Group’s findings is the fact that the average size of a house church is 20 people, and there is an average of seven children under age 18 involved in each church.” OneNewsNow.com

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