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The Tide of Our Times

“Evangelical Christianity has become the largest religious tradition in this country, supplanting Roman Catholicism... according to a survey...by Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life.

Evangelical Protestants outnumber Catholics by 26.3 percent (59 million) to 24 percent (54 million) of the population, according to the...poll conducted last summer of more than 35,000 American adults.” Julia Duin, The Washington Times

“In August of 2005 the whole world watched in amazement as Israel removed its own citizens from the land that they bought and developed into an agricultural paradise. As a gesture by then Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Israel hoped that giving all of Gaza to the Palestinian Authority will bring a measure of peace. It has done the exact opposite...

Do Palestinians want peace? The clear and obvious answer is—NO!...Under the encouragement of Islamic nations who support financially and militarily the Palestinians, the word is ‘NO PEACE WITH ISRAEL!’ The goal is the removal and destruction of the State of Israel—no divided land for a Palestinian State...

It is our prayer that the leaders of Israel will call upon the LORD GOD of Israel for wisdom and help.” David Hocking, Prophecy Watch

“I want to suggest to you that where the UK is today, America will be ‘tomorrow.’... Generation after generation, there has been a slow erosion of biblical authority in America... Ever since the early nineteenth century, the idea of a millions or billions-of-years old age for the earth/universe was beginning to become popular...Much of the church quickly adopted the old-age view. And they reinterpreted the days of creation and Noah’s Flood in Genesis...

Each subsequent generation has become more firm in the belief that if the first part of the Bible...is not true, how can the rest be?

Biblical authority is undermined, the Bible’s credibility is destroyed, and the erosion of the Christian influence in the culture are the results.” Ken Ham, Answers Update

“How About a Bovine in the Backyard?—Looking for a good pet that also can provide a valuable source of nutrients for a healthy organic diet? Randy Engel of the Open Hearth Ranch in this southern Colorado community might just have the answer for you: a miniature cow...

A miniature cow, depending on the breed, can produce one to four gallons of milk a day, compared with eight to 10 gallons that a full-size Holstein can produce...

Their upkeep costs just one third of that to maintain a Holstein.

‘We recommend a ratio of two per acre of pasture.’...

Purchase prices range from about $1,500 to about $5,500, but Mr. Engel insisted that no matter the buying price, the return will exceed the initial investment five or six times over a 10-year period.” Maxim Kniazkov, Special to The Washington Times

The Biblical Pattern for Leaders

Everyone agrees that leadership is tremendously important. The failure of leadership can produce tragic consequences.

Rulers who are against God produce terrible results in the life of a nation. The Bible speaks about several characteristics of leadership, which are in keeping with the Divine plan.

  1. Recognize Divine Ordination
    “Let every soul be subject to the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God” (Romans 13:1).

  2. Be Just
    Secondly, a leader must be just. God ordains a principle: “He that rules over men must be just.” That means he must be fair. He must be honest. He must have a degree of righteousness about him. He must have character. He must be able to evenly balance the needs and demands of opposing forces. To be just is a very difficult thing. It takes all the help of God in order to bring it to pass. “He that rules over men must be just.” That’s the second absolutely necessary quality of a leader. May God give us leaders like that in our time!

  3. Realize That we Live in a Fallen World
    Original sin affects how many people? Everybody. How many people have sinned? Everyone. So sin lies at the door of every house and every office and every government agency. People cannot be trusted just on their own recognizance.

  4. Be a Good Steward of Other People’s Money
    With whose money does a leader deal? The answer is, other people’s money. The Bible gives an indication of what it means to be a good steward. Every person in this world is required to be responsible, accountable, to somebody.

  5. Must Not Seek Human Glory
    Watch out for the terrible erosion of pride. Believing the praise that comes to you is a great mistake. Rather, we must be the kind of people that give the glory to God. The principle is that the only foundation on which a nation can be built is that of God.

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