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Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours! “In everything … with thanksgiving,’ says the Word of God, and that formula will not fail to bring encouragement and blessing to any heart.

“A booming Bible industry is turning [China], the world’s biggest atheist nation, into the world’s largest supplier of the Good Book... Since its first Bible rolled off the presses two decades ago, Amity Printing, [located in Nanjing], has turned out more than 50 million copies in 75 languages and exported to more than 60 countries. The company is on its way to becoming the biggest Bible factory in the world, cranking out 12 million copies a year.” The Associated Press

“Contrary to Media Hysteria about polar bears facing extinction, polar bear expert Dr. Mitch Taylor notes: ‘Of the 13 populations of polar bears in Canada, 11 are stable or increasing in number.’ Indeed the current polar bear population of 20,000-25,000 is four to five times the population of 50 years ago.” The New American

“Attacking God—An End Times Pastime” Christians can expect increasing attacks on the God of the Bible and biblical truth as the coming of the Antichrist draws near...

Most disturbing are efforts to encourage young people to renounce faith in God. The Rational Response Squad (RRS)—via the video website, ‘YouTube’—recently called on youths to create videos to renounce the ‘sky God of Christianity.’ Those who post a video at RRS are encouraged to not only ‘deny the Holy Spirit,’ but also to record their video in a church or outside of a church, and plug their own atheist website or project. RRS cofounder Brian Sapient said their ‘blasphemy challenge’ had already received some 490 entries [as of earlier this year].” World Prophetic Ministry, Prophetic News Letter

“Jordan is Palestine?—Jordanians are in an uproar over the thesis that Jordan is the true home for ‘Palestinians.’ Revival of the ‘Jordanian option’ comes from voices in Israel and the U.S. who feel it is the only way to prevent the formation of a Palestinian state...

Israeli MK Benny Elon noted that although Arabs call Israel ‘Palestine’ today, the words ‘Palestinian homeland’ can mean Jordan as well. ‘Certainly Abdullah himself remembers that the original Palestine includes Jordan—but perhaps he assumes that everyone else does not.’

Indeed, the area that the League of Nations and British rulers recognized as ‘Palestine’ nearly 100 years ago includes modern-day Israel and Jordan. The Arabs of Judea and Samaria could be rightfully ‘annexed’ to Jordan.” WPM

“Russia’s Libyan Ties—Are two allies of ‘Gog’ falling into place? Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has promised Libya’s Col. Muammar Qaddafi that Moscow would boost economic and military ties with Tripoli... Putin and Qaddafi agreed to continue ‘the useful confidential dialogue’ between the two countries...All told, the two leaders signed ten agreements on trade, economics, and military cooperation.” WPM

“India-Land on the March—India is large, almost beyond imagination. Its three largest citi e s , Mumbai, Calcutta and Delhi, dwarf New York, Los Angeles and Houston... Each year, more economic freedom (an open economy operating under the rule of law) generates more economic growth. That, in turn, means a higher income for the average person... Meanwhile, Indian firms are becoming worldwide companies. The Tata Group, planning to produce a mass-market car to sell at $2,500, also bought the Land Rover and Jaguar automobile lines from Ford. It has recently invested several billion dollars in major manufacturing projects in the United States.” Ed Feulner, Heritage Foundation

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