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Q. According to the Scriptures, what should the government do for people?
A. This question allows us to remind ourselves that governments have moved beyond their responsibilities to an absurd and dangerous degree in our time. The Scriptures say (Rom. 13) that governments should be a terror to evil works and an encouragement to good works. Government should not be the participant, but rather the umpire in the activities of people. Too much government control destroys human volition and life itself loses its point and purpose. When the umpire leaves his position, picks up a bat and plays in the game, then the game is over. Presumptuous government in our time certainly will soon mean that the game is over.

Q. What real authority should government have?
A. We must remember that Jesus said the government has no authority whatsoever except by divine commission. So when government takes to itself “its own authority,” it becomes humanistic rather than a divine instrument. The government must not inhibit righteous activity on the part of individuals. Christ was speaking about the salvation of the society when He spoke to Christians saying, “Ye are the salt of the Earth(Matthew 5:13).

Q. Will there be a world government?
A. Yes, there will. Speaking of the Antichrist, the Scripture says “The dragon (the Devil) gave him his power, and his throne, and great authority(Rev. 13:2). The world government will be set up in connection with a humanistic and cruel religion that will require all the people of the world to worship the Antichrist. The penalty for non-worship is death (Rev. 13:15). It is good to remember that we learn from the Word that international political systems are not the will of God. Large political systems inevitably turn against God and become a law unto themselves.

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