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Who Stole Our Christian Heritage?

Waves of Grace
When you are desperate enough, you realize that when there is nowhere else to turn, you have to turn to God. He made you to be in such fellowship with Him, that He would become the meaning, center, purpose, and driving direction of your life.

The Tide of Our Times
There are 450 diferent theme parks, amusement parks, and water parks in the United States... But it's doubtful any of them would have conceived of the latest multimillion dollar venture that marks its first full year in operation in May and makes life even more difficult for Israel. The park is called the Museum for Resistance Tourism. Many simply call it Jihad Theme Park, and more than 500,000 people have paid for the opportunity to see and experience it. [It is] located on a remote mountaintop 37 miles from Beirut, Lebanon, in a small town called Mleeta.

Your Questions Answered
Why does God call us to serve Him? If He is all powerful, why does He need us? How then can things be straightened out?

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