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The Tide of Our Times

“The Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) commissioned Public Opinion Strategies to do a comprehensive, scientific research study on marriage, using data from 1,500 Americans in 40 different focus groups coast to coast. The results are in, and show that 62% of Americans believe that marriage should be defined only as the union of one man and one woman. Fifty-three percent strongly agreed...only thirty-five percent disagreed.” National Religious Broadcasters

From the Ligonier Ministries Blog: “In the last 25 years, several Christian thinkers have focused on the different angles of [the big ideas that shape our culture.]...The late Dave Breese wrote Seven Men Who Rule the World from the Grave...This is a fine introductory overview of the worldviews of Darwin, Marx, Wellhausen, Dewey, Keynes, Kierkegaard, and Freud.”

“Thousands of people flooded into the streets [of Juba]...to celebrate the birth of the world’s newest nation, the Republic of South Sudan...[It] has endured a 50 year civil war that cost more than 2 million lives...Violence is still endemic...South Sudan will be on foreign life support, dependent on a massive multilateral nation-building project to prevent humanitarian catastrophe.” Alan Boswell, McClatchy Newspapers

Did you Know? There are 193 countries in the world.

“Apple Inc. says it has removed an application called ‘Third Intifada’ from its App Store following complaints that it glorified violence against Israel. Israel’s information minister, Yuli Edelstein, requested the company remove the app.” The Wichita Eagle

“THE KING JAMES BIBLE must certainly be considered as the greatest literary work in the English language. And most of it must be attributed to William Tyndale. Not even the writings of Shakespeare have had as much of a lasting impact on the way English-speaking people talk today.

Here are just a few examples of famous English phrases:

‘A fly in the ointment’ (Ecc. 10:1)
‘At wit’s end’ (Psalm 107:27)
‘Crystal clear’ (Rev. 21:11)
‘Far be it from me’ (2 Sam. 20:20)
‘Gird one’s loins’ (2 Kings 4:29)
‘Holier than thou’ (Isaiah 65:5)
‘Labor of love’ (Hebrews 6:10)
‘Rise and shine’ (Isaiah 60:1)
‘Run for your life’ (1 Kings 19:3)
‘Sick to death’ (2 Kings 20:1)
‘Hold your peace’ (Ex 14:14)
‘Signs of the times’ (Matt. 16:3)

The Lamplighter

“CHICK-FIL-A is a great American success story. It currently employs over 50,000 workers at over 1,500 outlets located all across our nation. It generates more than $2 billion in income and supports many charitable institutions...The business is owned and operated by devout Christians who believe in Christian principles.” The Lamplighter

“You can’t do the will of God if you don’t know the Word of God.”
—Jack Wyrtzen

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