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The Tide of Our Times

Welcome to the New Year! The passing of the old year and our entrance into this new one brings for all of us another milestone in life. My prayer for each of us is that the year to come will bring opportunity to serve Christ. May 2012 be a time of great spiritual growth and every blessing from heaven. Let us all be in prayer for our nation this election year.

“The FCC’s 3-2 Partisan Vote to pass net neutrality rules allowed the federal government to regulate the Internet for the first time in history. National Religious Broadcasters is wary of these rules, as it desires Christian content to be accessible on the Internet unfettered by any government or corporate religious discrimination.” NRB, Washington Next Week

“Through God’s providence and the generosity of two faithful donors, Mission Aviation Fellowship will soon take delivery of two new KODIAK aircraft … The new planes will be deployed to Papua, Indonesia. With these additions to the fleet, MAF will have eight Kodiaks serving on the mission field in Papua and Kalimantan, Indonesia, as well as Central Asia.” MAF, Flight Watch

“The U.S. government … announced that it had dismantled and destroyed the last and the largest Cold War-era nuclear weapon … Meanwhile, China is increasing its stockpile of nuclear weapons under the rubric of a mammoth project called the Underground Great Wall.” Miles Yu, Washington Times

“Economic Benefits of Marriage:

  1. Marriage provides economies of scale. (Two can live more cheaply than one.) … Marriage encourages economic specialization. An individual can develop skills in which he or she excels …

  2. Married couples save and invest more for the future, and they can act as a small insurance pool against life’s uncertainties …

  3. Men tend to become more economically productive after marriage.”
AFA Journal

But Especially:

“Let every thing that hath breath praise the Lord. Praise ye the Lord” (Psalm 150:6).

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