Christian Destiny Christian Destiny
Having Heard the Call

    “I’ll meet the mark,” the dreamer said
       “But first I need a vision
    Tell of the glories yet ahead
       Then I’ll make my decision”

    “We must,” the thinker then declared
       “Bring faith to all the nations”
    Then to his books he then repaired
       To count the implications

    The contemplator said, “I see
       The challenge is auspicious
    But thoughtfully it seems to me
       The time is not propitious”

    The timid soul said, “Yes, we must
       Give this our reflection
    But in this danger, crime and lust
       We must have more protection”

    The pragmatist said, “On we go
       But first we count the pencils
    Before us is a mighty flow
       But we must have utensils”

    The sturdy Christian then averred
       “We have our marching orders
    No longer shall they be deferred
       It’s time to leave our quarters”

    A thousand reasons may delay
       The call to God’s great battle
    But all that the detractors say
       Amounts to useless prattle

    The call is clear the time is now
       The challenge is before us
    Each heart must now fulfill its vow
       To Him who rules o’er us

      —Dave Breese