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Are These Good Days?

There’s a lot going on in our society. You and I have had the chance to look at it long enough so I think we should talk about a question. What about the world? Is it getting better or is it getting worse? I try to keep an eye on the weather, the wind, the traffic and especially the tide of our times. I’m quite aware that we have optimists in our world who promise that problems are lessening and the world is moving along the line of beautiful progress. On the other hand, we have those who eat every meal as if it were their last and are quite sure that they will not make it through this next weekend or another clean shirt.

What about it? Are we in good times or bad times? May I make the suggestion that Charles Dickens put it rather well when he began his epic work The Tale of Two Cities by saying, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” Arguably, that’s a good description of these days.

In the world of technology, of electronics, plastics, small wires and computers, we are certainly riding up the graph of progress and spectacular, breathtaking accomplishment. A new generation of electronic wizardry is about to break upon us that will translate small thought into large action, little ideas into reams of long words with greater speed than ever. When you take a look at technology, these are the best of times.

But ah, we could wish that technology is all that matters but alas, it is not. When we look about us at the world of morality, of righteous and unrighteous human conduct, the world presents another story. It’s the story of broken homes, failed marriages, epidemic morally-based diseases like AIDS, busted careers and bankrupt businesses. Indeed, despite the euphoria, there is an endemic depression which has settled upon millions of people who are beginning to give up hope of ever hitching their wagon to a star. They feel that life itself is coming unglued before their very eyes.

Rising technology and declining morality, therein is the problem. Technological ability, apart from moral maturity is something like the combination of a lighted match and a drum of gasoline. It’s like putting an AK-47 automatic rifle in the hands of a twelve-year old, which by the way, they are doing on the Iran-Iraq border today. Technological progress and moral recession is the combination which could bring destruction to everything.

What then does the world need? It needs a moral resurgence which can only be based on spiritual revival. It is today running out of answers for the future and is utterly forced to listen to the one person who has the answer to life. His name is Jesus Christ and He said, “I am come that you might have life and that you have life more abundantly.” The key to life for men and for nations is Jesus Christ. That is the needed news that everyone today must hear.