Christian Destiny Christian Destiny

From Discover Your Destiny
by Dave Breese

    “There is a just God who presides above the destinies of nations.”

    These words spoken by Thomas Jefferson almost two hundred years ago are indicative of the faith of those men who laid the foundation for the government of this United States of America. Unquestionably America was built on a sense of divine purpose.

    The America of 1776 has become the America of the space age. The wilderness has been subdued, the land cleared, the rivers tamed, and those alabaster cities of which the patriots dreamed have come to pass in living fact. In the process we have moved from austerity to affluence. Today’s world shines with the material wonders that the advance of science has brought in abundance.

    But what of the faith of America? Has our young nation matured in its consciousness of the grace of God and in the fulfilling of His will in a way commensurate with its progress in the realm of the material? Alas, she has not. Indeed it seems that our material progress has to a great extent been accomplished at the expense of spiritual growth. The faith of our fathers, so evident in the early days and so implicit in our nation’s thinking, is less evident today than in former years. Some have called this the “post-Christian era.” The faith of yesterday has turned to cynicism resulting in irreligion and emptiness. As a consequence, more people than ever, even in the highest circles, are asking, What is the purpose of life?

    It is a source of great satisfaction to me that God has not allowed that question to go unanswered. In each successive generation He has raised up men of faith and vision to speak to their times the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ.

    You have evidence in your hands that God has done this again in the person of Dave Breese. God has raised up a young man, articulate, personable, who has been brought to the kingdom for such a time as this. Long known as a speaker of remarkable talents, Dave has now applied this unique ability with words to this present volume. Discover Your Destiny, with its gripping presentation of the purpose of God in history could become the avenue of wonderful discovery for each individual reading these pages. There are only two possessions that any individual really needs—namely, the wisdom to know the will of God and the courage to do it. The pages of this book can bring to the discerning reader both of these imperative gifts.

    Dave and I have had the opportunity of frequent fellowship here in our nations’ capital. His comprehension of the immense problems of our day and clear understanding of the Word of God in answer to those problems are most remarkable characteristics of this young Christian leader. I rejoice that it has been his opportunity to speak to audiences in the thousands across the world the message of Christ and His power to save. Here is a man who embodies that sense of destiny of which he speaks so articulately in this volume.

    It is my happy conviction that Discover Your Destiny will fulfill a vital need in the lives of discerning readers of every age.

    Yes, I have prayed for a new voice to speak to America. The Lord may well be answering that prayer.

Bernard Braskamp, Chaplain
United States House of Representatives

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  2. The Shattering Blow
  3. The Divine Initiative
  4. The Majestic Person
  5. The Unspeakable Gift
  6. The Proof
  7. The Surprising Result
  8. The Personal Involvement
  9. Living Life Like a King
  10. Lingering Problems
  11. The Price of Personal Development
  12. Destiny

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