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“Israel is very concerned about the nuclear capabilities of Iran and their continued threats.[…] They are acutely aware that the time for effective action is fast drawing to a close.

Israel has recently […] developed new versions of the F-15 and the F-16 aircraft. They now have the most advanced targeting and defensive electronics ever put on an operational aircraft. These new planes can fly to Iran and back without refueling.

Israel also purchased recently 500 ‘bunker buster’ bombs […] capable of penetrating through seven feet of reinforced concrete before detonation.

[…] The current scenario in Iran and Israel is fast moving toward the predictions of the Bible.” David Hocking, Israel Watch

“CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA often hear of the phenomenal growth of the church in the most unlikely of far-flung places across the globe. […] Yet, one of the greatest evangelical success stories during the last decade lies just 90 miles from our doorstep. […]

Despite decades of imposed communism, adversity and oppression under the despotic leadership of Fidel Castro, the Christian church in Cuba has miraculously grown.

Christians on this island nation of 11 million have endured 35 years of persecution, forced to suffer under Castro’s perpetual ‘revolution.’ The average family in Cuba earns $15 a month. Yet when faced with imprisonment, heavy fines and a spartan lifestyle […] the church has emerged into a powerful force, its roots tapping deeply into God’s strength. […]

When asked to describe the greatest need in Cuba today, […] the emphatic answer given by a major Christian leader was, ‘Bibles and more Bibles! We need God’s Word to undergird the faith of the new believers.’” Deryl Edwards, President, The Liberty Alliance

“AMERICAN FAMILY ASSOCIATION (AFA) COMMENDS its online action supporters and American Family Radio listeners in Kansas for urging their state congressmen to support the Kansas Marriage Amendment.

The Kansas House voted […] to send the Marriage Amendment to a public vote […] on the upcoming April 5th ballot.

‘Kansans will now get the opportunity to stand up for traditional marriage, and I am confident they will support an amendment to the state constitution with overwhelming numbers.’ […]

This past year thirteen states added marriage amendments to their state constitutions, and now, the citizens of Kansas have the opportunity for their voices to be heard in the marriage debate.” AFA Press Release

BELOW IS AN EXCERPT from an e-mail sent by Major Scott Stanger of Benton, Arkansas to his wife. Stanger is currently stationed in Baghdad, Iraq as an operations officer. “Today I got to witness first hand a new democracy take its first steps […] The Iraqi government shut down all traffic in the country so the streets were deserted. At about 10 a.m. the streets were packed with large crowds of people walking to the polls. We were on edge waiting for more attacks that never came. By about 3 p.m. we could start to […] talk to the people. […] People everywhere wanted to talk to us […] to shake our hands and thank us for allowing them to vote. When the Iraqis voted they dipped their fingers in indelible purple ink so that polling officials could tell who had already voted. […] The Iraqis would hold their purple finger up in the air as a mark of pride. The Iraqis’ statements to us were all the same. ‘Thank you for your sacrifices for the Iraqi people. . . Thank you for making this day possible. . . The United States is the true democracy in the world and is the country that makes freedom possible. . . God bless the Iraqi people and the United States this day. . . We have never known a day like this under Saddam. . . This day is like a great feast, a wonderful day.’ […]

[…] I thought about our sacrifices that we have made. I wondered if the three men that my unit has sent home in flag-draped coffins was worth what I saw today. I am still not sure […] but when a grown Iraqi man thanks me with tears running down his face, it made me feel better about what we had accomplished.”

Just Thinking… Over and over again, we hear people from the so-called “pro-choice” movement insisting that a woman should have the right to say what happens to her own body. Generally speaking, that ought to be true. But when a new life forms inside her, that new life has rights of its own. It ceases to be “all about her!” Old Testament law provided harsh penalties to those who caused a woman to lose an unborn child. Obviously, in the eyes of God, that fetus was a living valuable soul worth protecting. Let’s put to rest the old canard about the right to choose “what happens to her own body.” It’s not just “her body” any more. By Dave Weeden

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