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The Saga of Our Time

Understanding These Days
Comprehension of our times is a commodity which is greatly needed and in short supply these days. We can look forward to bright occasions of spiritual opportunity in which unusual, spectacular results can be accomplished for Christ.

The Tide of Our Times
Iran continues to build its nuclear facilities and its President boasts that no one can stop him or has the right to interfere in Iran's affairs. Israel has decided that if Iran does not back down from its intentions to use nuclear weapons, Israel will attack and destroy its nuclear facilities. Additionally, the UN literally wiped Israel off the map.

The Attacks of Replacement Theology
What are we to make of the modern State of Israel, the Church, Bible prophecy, and all the different ideas of leaders and theologians?
Your Questions Answered
Are there other gods in the world, the universe? I'm afraid to die. Can you help me? Why does God allow war?

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