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The Tide of Our Times

“Will Israel attack Iran? [...] Iran continues to build its nuclear facilities and its President boasts that no one can stop him or has the right to interfere in Iran’s affairs. He has stated [...] that he will not hesitate to use nuclear weapons against Israel as well as the United States.

Israel and the United States have been discussing what might be their response if Iran continues to develop weapons of mass destruction and continues to threaten the USA and its ally, Israel.

Israel has made it clear that it will not ‘sit back’ and let this happen. They have decided that if Iran does not back down from its intentions to use nuclear weapons, Israel will attack and destroy its nuclear facilities. [...]

Since Iran (ancient Persia) is mentioned as the first of the countries that will attack Israel (Ezekiel 38), Bible prophecy students have been asking serious questions about the events that are currently taking place between Iran and Israel. Is this the prelude to the invasion of Ezekiel 38-39?” David Hocking, Prophecy Watch

“Idols of a ‘Jealous God’: Book challenges scientific certainty—Pamela R. Winnick was labeled a fanatic and a member of the ‘religious right’ five years ago when she published an article about a scientist skeptical of Darwin’s theory of evolution. […] The outcry against her article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette caused her to question the claims made on behalf of science.

‘The scientific community cannot hear being challenged, even when they are patently wrong. They have come to see themselves as gods, and they don’t like anyone challenging them,’ she said [...] discussing her new book, ‘A Jealous God: Science’s Crusade Against Religion.’

‘There was so much hysteria about it [...]. I realized that there are a number of fanatics out there on the science side.’ For her book, Ms. Winnick researched several issues in which science and religion clash […]. She found that professors in favor of intelligent design were denied tenure, supporters of adult stem-cell research were not invited to conferences [...] and that anyone, whether a journalist or scientist, who challenged the ethnicality of embryonic stem-cell research was labeled a religious fanatic.

‘My objections to the scientific community have [...] to do with the status that scientists are accorded in our society.’ Ms. Winnick said. ‘In many ways, they deserve a lot of status. [...] It doesn’t mean they deserve unquestioned status.’” Shelley Widhalm, The Washington Times

“UN Ceremony Wipes Israel Off the Map—The United Nations’ ‘Day of Solidarity With the Palestinian People’ held in November literally wiped Israel off the map. Hanging prominently between UN and Palestine Liberation Organization flags during the festivities at UN headquarters in New York City was a map labeled ‘map of Palestine.’ Israel was gone completely. Israel has been a UN member for 56 years. UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan addressed the meeting with the map displayed behind him. [...] The ceremony honored the worst of Palestinian terrorists. [Eye on the UN organization] has asked the United States to withhold UN funds.” Israel My Glory

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