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The Collegiate Letter A Bold Resolve

Dear Collegian,

This year should prove to be very interesting. Things have changed so much since last January! Democrats now control Congress. Saddam is dead. The economy is booming in some places and struggling in others. And the educational system is redefining itself in an attempt to become more relevant to our changing times. Seems like it’s not just a New Year—it’s a New World!

Where many at least attempted to observe the spirit of Peace, love and understanding over the Christmas holidays, the New Year bowed in with people locked in “mortal combat” as far as the eye could see. Frequently, the bickering wasn’t over substantial issues, but centered on the most insignificant of differences!

So how do you plan to be successful in this New Year? Have you resolved to attack your studies with a new burst of energy? Do you have sweet plans you want to see come to fruition before semester’s end? What has recently become important to you that might not have been high on your list of priorities before?

I’m wary of lightly-made resolutions, because they have very little chance of ever succeeding. But it is more than wise to scope out the events that appear to be rising on the horizon, and then make preparations to either avoid them or find a way to use them to your advantage.

May I suggest some good ideas to keep in mind?

  • Make an aggressive entrée into the New Year.

  • List and pursue the achievements you hope to make this year.

  • Commit to making every positive opportunity that comes your way your own.

  • Be bold as you pursue your goals.

  • Be inventive, unafraid to design and create new traditions you can share with those you love, enriching lives across the board.

  • Stay faithful and thankful to the Lord who loves and saves you.

  • Treasure the Word of God that contains more light and truth than all the other books in your college libraries, combined!

  • Take the time to seek out the will of God for your life.

  • Every now-and-then take the time to indulge yourself just a little and enjoy one of our favorite foods.

  • Step out of your way to show God’s kindness to a stranger in need.

If you start your year with these things in mind, it will make a good beginning to what we pray will be a wonderful year for you. There are yet greater things to be accomplished. And you’ll never have a better chance of achieving those great things, than when you put Jesus Christ first in your life and trust Him to lead and guide you to the fulfillment of your dreams.

Know that your friend at Christian Destiny are praying for you as you make the vital decisions that will set your course for the New Year. Feel free to write or call us at our headquarters if you have a problem you need to talk through… or if you’re not already a Christian, and need to know how to become one.

Happy New Year! It shows every indication of being an exciting (and maybe even wild) journey for all of us. I pray that God will guide, inspire and protect you as you live for Him this year.

Dave Weeden, for all of us here at Christian Destiny.

P.S. We have a 2-part booklet entitled TURNING POINTS. (1) “The Days of Your Life”—examines “Charting Your Course”; “The Mid-Course Adjustment”; and “Packing For Your Journey.” (2) “Have I Gone Too Far?” includes “Practical Suggestions for Making a Spiritual Comeback.” So maybe you’ve slipped in your life. God’s Word has good news for you! Here’s a specific plan that will help you put it all together, and enjoy the great warmth of fellowship again! I will be happy to send you a copy—just write or call or e-mail.