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Q. Why did Christ tell the rich young ruler to sell all that he had and give to the poor if he would inherit eternal life? I thought salvation was by grace.
A. Christ said what He did to the rich young ruler because the doorway to eternal life was through the entrance into the kingdom of heaven. The price of that entrance was total self-denial—spiritual perfection. He who would enter the kingdon of heaven must divest himself of everything and follow the king, Jesus Christ, perfectly and totally.

Alas, the rich young ruler was not willing to make that perfect sacrifice. So, he went away sorrowful because he had many riches.

Are you willing to make that perfect sacrifice, to surrender all to Christ for salvation? Will you keep the law perfectly, no exceptions? If you have the least doubt, you cannot be saved by the law. The kingdom rules will condemn.

Q. How then can a person be saved?
A. He cannot, if good works, law keeping, discipleship and the like are the way of salvation, but, praise the Lord, they are not. Salvation is by grace. This grace now applies to us because Jesus Christ was obedient unto death on our behalf. The blood of Christ applied to us makes it as if we had obeyed the law forever. It is as if we had lived a perfect life always. Because of Calvary, God imputes the righteousness of Christ to us when we believe. Salvation, therefore, is by faith and not by surrendering all to Christ.

Q. But “faith alone” seems like too little a price to pay for my terrible sins.
A. If you knew how really terrible your sins were, you would immediately drop into the dark abyss of infinite despair. That’s why salvation must be by faith alone. This because there are not enough worlds in the universe to pay for sin. Payment must be something of infinite value. The only such substance in existence is the blood of Christ.

We sinners cannot create anything of comparable value by our works. Being bankrupt, therefore, we have no alternative except to trust in what Christ has done for us by His death on the cross.

Q. We don’t hear much about the grace of God anymore. Why is this the case?
A. This is hard to answer. It may be that the Gospel, because it sets people free, may not be what some religious leaders truly desire. The intention of some seems to be to bring people into bondage, into gradual obligation to some system.

Remember also that all people in religious leadership may not themselves be Christians. The Bible indicates that some “Christian leaders” may be wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Q. But isn’t submission to the Lordship of Christ the way of salvation?
A. The way of salvation is faith in the shed blood of Jesus Christ. This is the only way that we can pass from death unto life. “Submission to the Lordship of Christ” is an invitation extended to all Christians. Salvation is not by submission or endurance, but by faith in what Christ has already accomplished for us.

Q. How then can I stay saved?
A. Salvation is not a temporary possession, but being a child of God is a permanent condition. Be assured that your salvation is forever. The assurance of salvation comes from knowing the Word of God and, therefore, believing astonishing promises such as, “I give to them eternal life; and they shall never perish” (Jn. 10:28).

Q. As a Christian, how can I know the will of God for my life?
A. God has a general will for everyone which is salvation, consecration to Christ, living for Christ, reaching the lost for Him, and preparing to meet Him in heaven. He is even now working to bring “many sons to glory” (Heb. 2:10). In addition, God has a specific calling for your life. About this you must pray, think, plan and ask God the question, “Lord, what will You have me to do?” You will then experience the wonderful promise, “as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God” (Rom. 8:14).

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