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Opportunity, The Greatest of Gifts!

An Open Door
There are many wonderful gifts which God gives to man. For each of us, the list grows ever longer daily because we are the beneficiaries of good things from God. Of all these, which is the greatest?

The Tide of Our Times
A society built on instant gratification is what we have in America today, reports one newspaper analyst. In some locales near casinos, churches have lost leaders and teachers to the dreadful addiction of gambling.

The Missing Element
The world of our time is a veritable kaleidoscope of colorful thoughts, things and activities. But also, there is a certain disquiet of soul, new nameless apprehensions, the feeling that things are out of control.
Your Questions Answered
The world is becoming a very evil place. What can I hope to accomplish for Christ in such a world as this? Does God hear the prayers of an unsaved person?