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Will This Be the Year?

The Bible says that every Christian should, 'Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.' Those who obey this admonition find themselves often in a time of thrilling contemplation.

The Tide of Our Times
The government and the media have been calling this a 'war against terror.' But terror is not the enemy, but what the enemy wants to achieve. If ever there was a time for clarity, it is now.

The Divine Masterpiece
Many an interesting discussion is centered around the question, 'What is a Christian?' We are surprised and enormously complimented by one of the great descriptions of the Christian given us in the Word of God.

Your Questions Answered
What is the real answer to 'What must I do to be saved?' After I receive Christ, what must I do to 'keep' saved? Now that I'm a Christian, how does the Holy Spirit work in my life?

Facing the Future
One of the most obvious attitudes of our present time is apprehension of the future. It is possible not only to be unworried about the events of tomorrow but rather to face them with joyous anticipation.
40 Years of Christian Destiny
Christian Destiny is the great truth that God has a purpose in history that reaches from time into eternity. We are destined to someday share in the unimaginable adventure of ruling the universe with Christ.