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If It Were Not So...

...I would have told you
Your sense that these days are a prelude to heaven is precisely correct. Don't stop! Continue to let your hearts be filled with bright anticipation, with a glorious sense of the future. You are not deceived. You are not mistaken.

The Tide of Our Times
Where The Passion of the Christ portrays the love and sacrifice of a suffering Son of God, The DaVinci Code openly denies His Deity and impugns his personal integrity. No county in America has a greater church population today than ten years ago.

Can We Reach the World in Our Lifetime?
The modern missionary movement is a little more than 200 years old. Missiologists speculate that there are now more than 3 million churches in the world, and estimate that it could take 10 million total churches to complete the Great Commission.
Your Questions Answered
I am not rich like other people seem to be. Can I make it through in this life? I am discouraged when I see the easy and rich lives of so many people whom I know to be evil. Is this the way God wants it?