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The Preferred Earthquake

A Spectacular Event Coming!
An earthquake is a fantastic and terrible event. We have been hearing about earthquakes altering the landscape in many nations of the world. Nothing we have seen, however, compares with a devastatingly great earthquake which is still to come.

The Tide of Our Times
Godlessness is in trouble, according to a growing consensus among intellectuals and scholars. However, the decline of atheism in Europe does not mean that re-Christianization is taking place. What we are observing instead is a re-paganization.

Be Strong
There is a simple admonition of Scripture to every believer in Jesus Christ. If practiced, it would lead to remarkable Christian capability on the part of every child of God. It is contained in two simple words and constitutes a call for all who know Christ.
Your Questions Answered
How does God speak to us today? I read much about success in life. Can I be a success? If the Holy Spirit is removed from the earth at the time of the Rapture, how will people be evangelized during the Tribulation?