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Seven Future Events That Will Shake the World

A Current Microcosm
Every act of God's judgment is an act of mercy, warning us of even greater judgment to come. In many ways, the current catastrophe is but a microcosm of the real End Time disasters that are predicted in Scripture.

The Tide of Our Times
Evidence is mounting that the EU does not only aspire to be a counterweight to the United States in global affairs; it has already become one. China's military budget continues to skyrocket. 68 percent of 'evangelical Christians' believe 'good' people of other faiths can also go to heaven.

Why We're Still Here
Growing in Grace; Being the Salt of the Earth; Being the Light of the World; Being a Witness for Christ; Protecting the World from Judgment.
Your Questions Answered
Why doesn't God help me more if He really loves me? How come the Bible is so hard to understand? What is the standard of success in the ministry?