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The Tide of Our Times

“High-profile expressions of faith by athletes have become [more] routine in pro sports since [Philadelphia Eagle’s running back Herb Lusk dropped to a knee in the NFL’s first public end-zone prayer, reflecting] decades of influence by evangelical Christian groups in locker rooms and a belief among some Christian athletes that their visibility is a gift they should use to proclaim their faith.” —Jay Lindsay, Associated Press

“Operation Rescue (OR)... spokesman Troy Newman said nearly 1,500 abortion clinics in the U.S. have closed and not reopened since 1991. He believes only about 713 clinics are still open for business in the states. Newman said OR has never found an abortion mill that complies with the law...Newman is convinced that the days of legal abortion in the U.S. are numbered.” —www.onenewsnow.com

“Cap-and-trade ...seeks to severely limit carbon-dioxide emissions. Every business involved in carbon emissions would be required to purchase permits from the government. Over time, emissions allowed would be curbed, making the permits increasingly valuable—and expensive. Companies would be allowed to trade or sell them on the open market.

Cap-and-trade would impose huge costs on the economy and undermine job creation.” —Jeffrey T. Kuhner, The Washington Times

“The End of Yemens Jews—History will record that 2,500 years of Jewish life in Yemen is now over. As the Wall Street Journal reported... the U. S. State Department has completed a clandestine operation which brought 60 of the country’s remaining Jews to America...‘This is the end of the Jewish Diaspora of Yemen. That’s it.’” —Jerusalem Post

No Church in the Old Testament As you peruse the pages of the Old Testament, you will look in vain to find the church. The church was a mystery—concealed in past ages but now revealed. God has taken Jew and Gentile, and through the death and resurrection of His Son, He has saved them and baptized them in one Spirit into the body of Christ, the church. —Dave Breese, The Missing Church

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