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G. George Ens, M.D.
With The Lord

Dr. Ens was a retired medical doctor when he joined our staff here in Christian Destiny. He was a gifted musician and was a part of several musical organizations. He was also a good theologian and was helpful to many. He had a genuine concern for those who hadn’t accepted Christ as their Savior.

“Apple Inc. once again shut down an app from its popular iTunes App Store because it promoted Bible-based ideas. This time the app that was removed belonged to Exodus International, a well-established Christian ministry...” Apple “deemed the Christian group’s Biblical position ‘offensive to large groups of people.’” NRB Today

“Afghanistan could be holding $1 trillion of untapped mineral deposits including critical industrial metals such as lithium...

The previously unknown deposits of iron, copper, cobalt and gold are so huge that it could transform the impoverished nation into one of the world’s important mining centers...

The mineral wealth, discovered by a team of Pentagon officials and U.S. geologists, is scattered throughout the country...

Lithium is a key raw material in the manufacture of batteries for laptops and other electronics such as mobile telephones.” reuters.com

“Did You Know? There are currently five over-life sized bronze statues on the Liberty Walk on the Hillsdale College campus [in Hillsdale, Michigan]. They are of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher. A sixth statue, of Ronald Reagan, will be dedicated in October.” Hillsdale College

To the Graduates
The challenge of living successfully and righteously can be accomplished as your life is committed to Christ and led of the Holy Spirit.

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