Christian Destiny Christian Destiny
An Earnest Call

    Dear World, it is my duty
       To say to you this day
    That all your goals are hopeless,
       That all your dreams are fey.
    I know how hard you’ve labored,
       How long stood by the last.
    Still soon will come the moment
       When dreams and hope are past.

    You see, all of your efforts
       Are spent “beneath the sun.”
    The days of wine and roses
       Are sweet, but soon are done.
    They are but fond indulgence
       Which vanishes with time,
    Which dissipates the energies
       And trashes the sublime.

    Try as you will, you cannot,
       You will not change the fate
    Of all who build on swamp land,
       Who sorrow, but too late.
    You may as well just party
       And oil your fears away.
    Tomorrow will betray you
       As false has been today.

    You’re found already guilty,
       Because you don’t believe
    That Jesus is the Savior.
       You simply can’t conceive
    How desperate your peril,
       How soon the fire will fall,
    How fierce will be the judgment
       On sinners one and all.

    Your sons yet talk of glory.
       They say, “All will be well.”
    Your daughters grow seductive.
       Do they not know of hell?
    Do you not know the outcome
       Of this disease called sin,
    Since even now you’re playing
       The game you cannot win?

    But yet God still invites you
       From this vain world to come
    From darkness to the Savior,
       To leave Byzantium,
    To reach by faith to Jesus
       And life eternal know,
    No more to be bewildered
       While walking here below.

    In His name I invite you
       (And weep for your sad plight)
    To come while yet the Spirit
       Holds back the shades of night.
    You still can be converted,
       Step through the door of grace,
    For soon Christ comes from heaven
       To judge you face to face.

      —Dave Breese