Christian Destiny Christian Destiny
An Invitation

    Why not take the high road?
       We press the point anew
    Why not know the grand life
       Which God has promised you?

    Why not leave the low road
       Where dreams and visions die?
    Why slither through the mud flats?
       The soul was made to fly.

    The high road is a runway
       From whence the heart may soar,
    Upon the wings of purpose
       Where failure is no more.

    The low road is but swamp land
       Where snakes and lizards thrive,
    It leads but to the tar pits
       And who shall there survive?

    The low road has the white stuff
       That steals away the brain.
    The low road has the dark things,
       It’s Satan’s grim terrain.

    He welcomes you to darkness
       And hisses when he smiles.
    He sees you as another
       To poison with his wiles.

    The high road is Jehovah’s
       And He invites His own
    To mount the golden stairway
       To meet Him at His throne.

    To claim then there the great prize
       Bestowed in boundless love
    To those who take the high road
       To dwell with Him above.

    So, while you may, resign this,
       This life of grief and shame.
    Salute another Captain,
       Embrace another name.

    Come join us on the high road
       Where light shines all the way.
    Then soon we shall behold it,
       That land of perfect day.

      —Dave Breese