Christian Destiny Christian Destiny
Calvary's Love

    Shall ever I forget the day
       When grace my soul enthralled?
    When Calvary’s love became my hope
       And all my guilt absolved.
    This grand, eternal life is mine,
       By grace through faith alone,
    Since on the cross my Savior bled
       For all men to atone.

    Hence this “So Great Salvation” is
       Now fully, freely mine,
    By virtue of that finished work
       Which love and grace combine,
    Purchased by that priceless blood
       Which coursed from Jesus’ veins,
    To wash me now and evermore
       From sin’s malignant stains.

    So now, with Christ forever mine,
       I never shall be lost.
    But what shall I then give to Him?
       Can I repay the cost?
    To this I hear Him say, “My son,
       Thou dost not understand.
    Repay the cost? Of Calvary’s love?
       What hast thou in thine hand?”

    With tears I see that naught I have
       Of proper recompense,
    My childish prayers, my feeble works,
       My speech of little sense.
    But yes, I have but one small gift--
       Myself I have to give.
    This then I do my Lord, my God,
       For You I now shall live.

    Living then for Thee I find
       I have not lost but gained.
    My life has been returned to me
       With every grace entrained.
    Hence all is mine that I shall need
       And serve Him well I will.
    We’ll live the great adventure here
       And meet on Zion’s hill.

    Redemption’s awesome mystery then
       Shall have my highest mind.
    His purpose moves from age to age,
       His grace to all mankind.
    The love that flowed from Calvary’s mount
       My single theme shall be
    For loss, for gain, for life, for death,
       For all eternity.

      —Dave Breese