Christian Destiny Christian Destiny

    After the passing of the years,
       When sullen earth has ceased its hold
    Beyond the reach of human tears,
       For us will come the age of gold.

    When temporal fads have all expired,
       When finest friends have passed away,
    When noblest thoughts that once inspired
       Are but the words of yesterday.

    When human plans and earthly things
       Have spent their force and now retire,
    When shining hope no longer brings
       The flame to set the heart afire.

    What then? Are joys forever past?
       Is there but the waiting grave?
    Is death of everything the last,
       No matter how we rage and rave?

    Ah no, for in our inner heart
       We know, for God helps us to know
    That life on earth is but a part,
       A launching pad from here below.

    From here we rise to heaven’s land,
       To gold and ivory palaces,
    To eat delights on every hand,
       To drink from silver chalices.

    Then shall we know as long we should
       That life on earth must always cease;
    That heaven’s ahead for all who would,
       Life here is but the first small piece.

    We therefore shall rejoice, rejoice!
       Exulting in our future state;
    We’ll pay no heed to earth’s sad voice
       Nor share in mankind’s dismal fate.

    We’ll climb one day the golden stair
       That bears us up to realms of glory;
    Then shall we know as we are known,
       And live the great continued story.

      —Dave Breese