Christian Destiny Christian Destiny

    A bias on the lines of life
       Seems always to be there,
    Slightly warping everything
       The thickness of a hair.
    It even turns the ship of state
       By just a few degrees.
    Anon the vessel founders low
       In poorly charted seas.

    Just so, in every deviant thought
       The warp of truth is found.
    To subtly ease the well-steered helm
       To finally run aground
    The open seas must be achieved
       Ere sails can be unfurled.
    Then charted, tested truth will give
       The vessel to the world.

    Full many a man and many a cause
       Embarked with noble goals.
    But inattention to the helm
       Wrought wreckage on the shoals.
    Beware therefore the warp of life
       That bends us from the plan.
    With chart and compass stay the course.
       At stake? The soul of man.

      —Dave Breese