Christian Destiny Christian Destiny

    I see more clearly now,
       The mists of morn have lifted,
    Revealing here the path of life
       From which my heart had drifted.
    For vision, indistinct in youth,
       Grows clearer with the years
    If subject to the press of life
       And washed by time and tears.

    I love more purely now,
       ’Tis more than mere emotion.
    For feeling is to real love
       As mountain stream to ocean.
    And love invades the intellect
       And love empow’rs the will
    The heart endowing with a voice
       That time can never still.

    I move more surely now
       My life has found its reason.
    A holy purpose now pervades
       Each day and every season,
    For God has made me like Himself
       I see this now, as never;
    Perceiving this, I see in Him
       My Destiny, forever.

      —Dave Breese