Christian Destiny Christian Destiny

    They who run the race run all,
       but only one receives the prize.
    But many say, “we must be fair,
       unequal strength, unequal size
    Must now be compensated for.
       All must win, we must be kind.
    If someone loses, change the rules,
       no one must be left behind.”

    “After all it’s equal we must be,”
       the liberal mind demands.
    The winner then is pressed upon
       with fierce and ugly reprimands.
    “How dare you strive despite the rule
       that no one ever may excel?”
    The equalizers little know
       theirs is the gravelly voice of hell.

    So run that you may then attain
       the laureled wreath, the victor’s crown,
    The good fight fought, the finished course,
       the high degree, the master’s gown.
    To the detractors pay no heed,
       they freeze the genial current within.
    They dampen down the heavenly fire
       and frustrate life that might have been.

    God has ordained it otherwise,
       equality is not His plan.
    Diversity’s the artful way
       he sparks the mind of mortal man.
    A bright kaleidoscope of things
       awaits diverse humanity.
    Then comes the unique touch of God,
       with stardust from eternity.

      —Dave Breese