Christian Destiny Christian Destiny

    At whose behest is sunshine led
       to warm my upturned face?
    My eyes are closed in evening sleep,
       by what forebearing grace?
    The massive oceans mighty tide
       with breakers in its care
    The snow that mantles mountain steep
       the gorge—why is it there?

    The days, the years in cadence sure
       course through the mist called time.
    Why am I sure a towering will
       guides with a hand sublime?
    Why do I surely also know
       that all perceive the same,
    That everyone in all the earth
       knows of a heavenly frame?

    For in the heart of all mankind
       a knowledge firmly lives.
    A voice that says “Believe, believe,”
       a mind that knowledge gives,
    A soul like ours that waits for us
       beyond the evening shade;
    Who in the meantime shows Himself
       through all that He has made.

    How do I know His tender love
       upon me is outpoured?
    He in His Word presents Himself
       as living, loving Lord,
    Who in creation shows His power
       and on the cross His love,
    So we can step through nature’s veil
       with Him to dwell above.

    Weep then for those who know Him not,
       who by their choice are blind,
    Whom caring nature’s open door
       they cannot, will not find.
    Rejoice with those who in a rose
       their great creator see,
    Who finding Him who made the rose
       are blest eternally.

      —Dave Breese