Christian Destiny Christian Destiny
Oh, Bethlehem!

    Oh, Bethlehem, what have you now become?
       The crossroads of the universe you are!
    And this because the Babe was born in thee,
       Forsworn to us by yonder brilliant star.

    Who is this Child who in the manger lies?
       Is He the King of whom the prophets speak?
    Yes, and more, He is the mighty God.
       He comes to save the lowly and the meek.

    Why brings He not His kingly retinue?
       Why sounds there not the trumpet in our ears?
    Ah, heard thou not the herald angels sing?
       Hearest thou not the music of the spheres?

    But faithless hearts the chorus will not hear.
       So faithless souls the glory not perceive.
    As God is seen alone through trusting eyes,
       So Christ is given to those who will believe.

    The Christ of God is Mary's lovely child.
       And faith in Him brings life forevermore.
    For on the somber hill of Calvary
       He died to open wide redemption’s door.

    So Christmas comes again to seeking hearts
       With chorus, organ, orchestra and chime.
    We do rejoice anew that Christ the King
       Is preached on earth to every kith and clime.

    Soon now He’s promised to return from heav’n.
       To take His own to be with Him on high.
    So this year let the yuletide bells announce,
       “Look up for your redemption draweth nigh!”

      —Dave Breese