Christian Destiny Christian Destiny
The Choosing

    Twelve kinds of wonder
       Ten kinds of thrill
    That God has endowed us
       With two words, “I will”
    In loving permission
       He whispers, “You may”
    We’re free moral agents
       What can we say?

    Upheld in His sovereignty
       His universe stands
    Each infinite detail
       Held fast in His hands.
    Where nothing may vary
       From His precise plan
    No alternate mind
       But then …
          He made man!

    Within him He placed
       The power to choose
    For good or for evil
       To win or to lose.
    With the image of God
       Anchored deep in his being
    He communes with his Lord
       And by faith waits the seeing.

    The loving experiment
       Heaven has designed
    An alternative will
       Though often maligned.
    Is the reason for living
       The essence of life
    By this is explained
       The joys and the strife.

    So, choices do matter
       Commitments still count
    The law that we live by
       Came down from the mount
    Guaranteeing us freedom
       From the most to the least
    Marking always the difference
       ’Tween the man and the beast.

    Let therefore the person
       Who would live life aright
    Be shrewd in his choosing
       ’Neath heaven’s bright light.
    Led by the Spirit
       Blest from on high
    We follow the pathway
       That leads to the sky.

      —Dave Breese