Christian Destiny Christian Destiny
The Christian Life

    However long, however short,
       However tinged with pain,
    Though rich or poor, the Christian life
       Is never loss, but gain.

    It may be lived at towering heights
       Or in the valley dim.
    No matter, for the child of God
       Is linked at last to Him.

    The life of faith considers not
       The ambiance of time.
    For it, the trials, the joys, the tears,
       Are equally sublime.

    With mind acutely conscious of
       The wonder of it all,
    The Christian oft is mystified
       That life should ever pall.

    He little cares for lesser things
       That do not fit the plan,
    He knows the best of everything
       God gives to mortal man.

    So with a bright’ning hope he lives
       In thrall of that great day.
    When Christ the Author of his life
       Will catch the Church away

    To that bright land where golden dreams
       And earnest hopes come true.
    Where all for which he will have lived
       Is vindicated, too.

    Each trusting soul or trembling saint
       Will bid this world farewell,
    To move to that celestial home
       Where all is well, is well.

      —Dave Breese