Christian Destiny Christian Destiny
The Highlands

    Speak to me, oh ye mountains
       And tell me, what would you say
    At the thought that you are not that massive,
       But only papier-mache'?
    That you were merely put there
       In a moment of finite time
    To be the instructive backdrop
       For a play with a plot most sublime?

    In fact, are you not the product
       Of a skyquake unspeakably great,
    Which came in a past day of judgment,
       When a culture repented too late?
    Is your breathless height not now a witness,
       With your deep crevasses as well,
    Of the power of the Lord of the cosmos,
       The realness of heaven and hell?

    We shall learn from your jagged protrusions
       The serious nature of things;
    How the God of the vales and the summits
       Is more than “The Lord of the Rings.”
    We therefore shall serve the Creator
       Who sustains all He ever has made;
    Then we’ll meet in the highlands of heaven
       Where towering joys never fade.

      —Dave Breese