Christian Destiny Christian Destiny
The Paradigm

    Splash the brook and laugh, my son
       Chase the striped ripples now,
    Slide with happy feet, the moss
       Climb the bended river's brow.
    Run through swaying daffodils
       Fright the robin from his glade,
    Breathe the blue sky deep within
       Watch the purple sunset fade.

    Feel the gloaming’s velvet cool
       Hear the night bird call, and then
    Watch the evening stars appear
       Gleaming o’er the forest glen.
    See the light on distant hill
       Mark the passing of the day
    Choose the homeward path before
       Darkness overtakes your way.

    Then before you pray tonight
       Sense the blessed paradigm
    You, this very day, have seen
       Many signs which point to Him.
    Life, itself, is like the day
       Death, the warm light at the gates
    Wide before your Father's house
       Where He, who made the world,

      —Dave Breese