Christian Destiny Christian Destiny
The Plan

    There is, in life, a bright design—
       My soul declares it so.
    There is a vision, still by me
       Unseen, but yet I know.
    Another mind, another heart
       Has hoped on my behalf.
    Another eye has seen in me
       That which I know not half.

    A surety within my breast,
       More sure than can be shown,
    Convinces me that I am here
       For reasons yet unknown.
    But daily on my heart there dawns
       A fairer, fuller light,
    A brighter morning, more aglow
       With clarity and sight.

    Til here upon my earthly way
       At this mid-point I find
    I can more clearly now compare
       The road ahead, behind.
    The poignant, striking contrast here
       I can now mark with ease.
    The path that seemed so liquid then
       Was really charted seas.

    How could I then have doubted that
       One far more sure than I:
    More wise, more true, more filled with love
       Was watching from the sky,
    And working with relentless power
       To open there for me
    The high road of His hope, His plan
       That I could not foresee.

    My Lord, my God, I know that I
       Have not as yet attained,
    But help me now more sure to walk
       Amid the unexplained.
    To show that God ordains on earth
       The making of a man,
    Which process is the prelude here
       To His eternal plan.

    And when that moment golden comes
       When faith gives way to sight,
    No hesitation shall there be,
       No backward look, no fright,
    No flicker of reluctance then,
       For there I sure shall say,
    “The mighty architect of time
       Designed it all that way.”

      —Dave Breese