Christian Destiny Christian Destiny
The Rightful King

    They stopped the clock of the universe
       That day on Calvary’s hill,
    When the Roman spear pierced the Savior’s side
       The life of the world stood still.
    The suffering and death of God the Son,
       ’Neath the weight of every man’s sin
    Was the moment of moments, the dividing of time,
       When the new age of grace was brought in.

    For in that dread hour the debt of the world
       Was cancelled by writ in His blood.
    Salvation was purchased for all of mankind,
       Vouchsafed by that crimson flood.
    For the fearful dictates of Moses’ law
       Were satisfied once and for all,
    Thereby changing the issue from works to faith
       To all who respond to His call.

    For Calvary’s beautiful, ghastly work
       Reached from there to the depths of hell,
    Where the shrieking of demons pierced the air
       As their kingdom was shattered and fell.
    For heaven’s Prince from the realms of light
       The power of death put down.
    Grace and life were poured on the world of men
       By the King with the rightful crown.

    A final heartfelt question remains,
       Has the Savior’s call come to you?
    Did you respond with a “Yes, Lord, yes,”
       Have you received life anew?
    Will you then join the battle for truth
       With Christ as your Captain and Friend?
    Is the cross enough of a standard for you
       In a purpose that never will end?

    To all who say “Yes” to His call to life
       A wonderful promise is given.
    We will inherit the whole of the universe
       Redeemed by our Regent from heaven.
    We shall crown Him as rightful Ruler of all,
       We shall reign with Him in that day
    As cherished sons of the living God
       With joys that can ne’er pass away.

      —Dave Breese